How fast can Axiom Funding Solutions provide my business with capital?

If you own a business, chances are you have experienced the frustration of credit application rejection. Our goal is to make it quick and easy to get the cash you need, when you need it. We’re here to help, because we know you won’t be still in business if you don’t have the capital. That’s why we’ve streamlined our application process and made it straightforward. We believe that fresh ideas and new ways of doing things can help us all succeed. As soon as you submit the required paperwork, we will process and transfer your business funding request.

Why do companies select business funding from the Axiom Funding Solutions?

The Axiom Funding Solutions provides flexible funding to small businesses that need working capital. If you have an existing business, you may be able to qualify for a working capital loan funded by the Axiom Funding Solutions. This can help you grow your business. And if you’re starting a new business, the Axiom Funding Solutions can give your business the foundation it needs to succeed. Our team of experts can help any business find the right funding solution. Contact one of our representatives today to learn more about the different types of funding we provide and how we can help grow your company.

Business Funding For Companies

Axiom Funding Solutions is a company that specializes in debt solutions for small businesses. We are not a bank and we do not offer business loans. We are an intermediary between the lender and the borrower. Our goal is to help the small business owner by finding them the best available loan solution. We have helped thousands of entrepreneurs raise millions of dollars. We are strong believers in the power of crowdfunding and we’re here to help you realize your crowdfunding dreams! We are here to make the process of applying for business funding fast and easy. We take pride in being able to offer a wide variety of options when it comes to business funding so that you can choose the loan or line of credit that works best for your business. We are always looking for ways to improve our services, so if you have any feedback or suggestions we would love to hear from you!

Who can provide business funding for Veterans?

When applying with a bank, the application process is lengthy and challenging. Banks require detailed information about your company, financial records, and projections. In addition, banks usually have strict requirements to meet before granting you a loan. If your company has bad credit or does not have collateral, the application process can take months and you may not get approved for a loan. At Axiom Funding Solutions, we offer flexible financing options tailored to meet your needs. We have extensive experience working with small to medium-sized enterprises and we can help you tailor a loan package that fits your needs. We believe in empowering entrepreneurs. We believe in you. Our funding solutions are fast and simple– Our typical underwriting process takes just 24 hours or less. In less than a day, you could have the funding for your company at your fingertips. Just contact us for more information.

What is required for Veterans to receive business funding?

Funding your business is an important financial decision that most business owners need to make. If your business has generated at least $90,000 in annual revenues and is at least one year old, you may be eligible for business funding. You also need to provide three months’ worth of bank statements showing that your business has made at least $7,500 in monthly revenue. Fill out our application to get started. Please fill out the simple application on our website. As soon as it is received, we will get in touch with you within 24 hours to discuss the terms of your loan. Once the application has been approved, we will send you the paperwork to sign and fund you with the loan amount that was agreed upon.

Why does Veterans business industry always choose Axiom Funding Solutions for Business Funding?

Up to $2,000,000

Repayment Daily or Weekly

1 - 24 Month Terms

Minimum requirements

To qualify for an advance, your business needs to be atleast a year old. You should have revenues of $90,000 annually or $7,500 per month over the last three months.


It was a pleasure working with Axiom Funding Solutions. They were very professional and kept me updated throughout the entire process. I would recommend them to any business owner that is looking for a quick and easy funding process.
Axiom Funding is a great business partner. They are responsive and helpful, and always ready to answer questions. They have helped us get the funding we needed to take our business to the next level!
Axiom Funding was very helpful in getting our business off the ground. We were able to get our business funding within a matter of weeks, without having to go through the tedious process of filling out forms, and submitting credit checks. I really like Axiom Funding. They are easy to work with and do what they say they will.

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Credit problems are no longer a barrier to your small business financing. Whether you want to fix your bad credit or start fresh with a new business, we believe that with the right product and plan, everyone deserves access to the capital they need to start a business.

After applying with us, we will review all of your details to make sure you’re ready to go. We will reach out to you if we need more information, but you don’t have to wait for us. You can sign up and get started as soon as you fill out the application.

Applying for business funding can be a great option for companies of all shapes and sizes. We are here to help you succeed, even if you have experienced some bumps in the road. If you have any questions about the process, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Applying for business funding is free and there are no obligations. If you decide to accept business funding from us, you will have multiple business funding options to choose from. Funding decisions are made within seconds of submitting your application, so you can get back to running your business.

The unexpected happens. When it does, we’ll walk you through the process of overcoming it. Whether you suddenly lost your biggest customer or top salesman, whether you have unexpected problems or your insurance needs changed, one of our experts at AFG will be here to help.

Our business consultants will help you choose the best working capital loan option for your specific preferences and needs.

We know that as a business owner, you have many options for getting a business loan which is why we go the extra mile to ensure that we find the right solution for your specific needs. Our team is here to provide you with all the information necessary for you to make an informed decision on the best options for your situation. No matter what type of loan you’re looking for, our team will work directly with you and your company from start to finish throughout the process.

*Due to differing bank policies, it can take several business days before your funds are available.