Reverse Consolidation

About Reverse Consolidation

Many businesses have done whatever it takes to survive. Don’t be embarrassed if you’ve had to take multiple cash advances and now find yourself overwhelmed and financially strapped. Business owners may experience having numerous merchant cash advances for various reasons.

Relieve yourself from financial stress. Choosing a reverse consolidation can help you to regain control of your cash flow. If you do not meet your obligations under the MCA, it may damage your business in ways that are difficult to recover from in the future.

If we think about a reverse consolidation in regards to merchant cash advances, we can see that it represents converting a merchant cash advance into a larger loan with a longer repayment period and a lower average monthly payment.


Why do businesses need Reverse Consolidation?

If you have trouble making payments on your MCAs, a Reverse Consolidation can free up much-needed cash for business operations. Our goal is to help you run your business more smoothly by lowering your payment and extending the term.

With our reverse consolidation option, Axiom Funding Solutions assists businesses with significantly improving their cash flow. Our reverse consolidation solution does not wipe the slate clean. Instead, it will alleviate the stress and pressure of juggling multiple MCA repayment schedules at once.

We can help you feel less anxious about the future! Through a reverse consolidation, your business can breathe a little easier. If your business is experiencing cash flow problems, we can lower your payments by 30 to 60%, resulting in increased cash flow to operate your business.


Who is Axiom Funding Solutions?

Many businesses suffering from multiple cash advance debts may find that a reverse consolidation from Axiom Funding Solutions can ease their financial hardships and improve their working capital. Reverse consolidation from Axiom Funding Solutions enables overwhelmed borrowers to afford their payments. In addition, this is better than defaulting on an MCA, is less time-consuming, less stressful, costs less than bankruptcy, and is approved more easily than some loans. Reverse consolidation are ideal for business owners looking for relief from the financial strain of payments on multiple cash advances. Axiom Funding Solutions is a national leader in providing fast business funding solutions to companies throughout the United States. We offer financing solutions to small and medium businesses in various industries. We understand that no reverse consolidation is one size fits all, as every company has its own unique needs. Get in touch with our experts for a consultation about a custom reverse consolidation solution. LEARN MORE ABOUT AXIOM FUNDING SOLUTIONS

How can Axiom Funding Solutions help businesses with Reverse Consolidation?

Business owners can see pretty quickly when they require relief from MCA debt. It may be at this point that your business is operating at a loss. You are most likely not generating an income from your business, so you may be under pressure to slow-pay vendors or use saved money for business expenses and payroll. You may feel desperate enough to consider bankruptcy or apply for another high-interest loan to stop the bleeding. With multiple merchant cash advances, business owners can be tempted to take out more MCAs to avoid defaulting on existing balances.

If you identify with any of this, please contact our reverse consolidation experts to discuss your situation. You can free up cash flow by using our reverse consolidation to take care of your business expenses and move forward.



Our company had gone through some rough times, and we took out several Merchant Cash Advances. Later on, we found ourselves short on cash flow and weren’t sure what to do or how to move forward. Axiom Funding Solutions provided a way out with a reverse consolidation where we could have the cash flow we needed.
When we didn’t know what way to turn and thought we might have to close our doors, thankfully, we found Axiom Funding Solutions and their reverse consolidation solution. This was a way to survive without defaulting on our MCAs! Thanks, Alt Funding, for helping our company improve our cash flow substantially.
We went from facing bankruptcy to having the cash flow we needed almost overnight. We found an answer to being strapped for cash because of our multiple merchant cash advances with a reverse consolidation from Axiom Funding Solutions. Now, we are setting goals again to increase revenue.

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Reverse consolidation occurs when the Axiom Funding Solutions provides a business with funding to assume the daily or weekly payments associated with merchant cash advances. A reverse consolidation is often the most effective way to extend the repayment term and reduce your monthly obligations if the merchant cash advance costs are too high and your business is experiencing an insufficient cash flow.

When your company is considering defaulting on a merchant cash advance or bankruptcy or enduring a lack of cash flow that halts your ability to meet your obligations, it could be time to consider and apply for a reverse consolidation solution. Free up cash flow so you can move forward without the detrimental impact of defaulting on an MCA or filing bankruptcy.

Axiom Funding Solutions is a national leader in helping companies increase cash flow when they need it the most with fast business funding. Our reverse consolidation solution is a chance for businesses encountering a significant lack of cash flow because of merchant cash advances to get financial relief. Contact our funding experts for a confidential discussion.
*Due to differing bank policies, it can take several business days before your funds are available.