Working Capital

About Working Capital

Working capital is the money that is available for a business’s short-term commitments. It indicates the state of a company’s immediate financial health. In order to improve cash flow or secure future projects, businesses secure working capital financing from a reputable lender. A quick turnaround time is typical of this type of financing, and it is designed to be used for immediate needs. With Axiom Funding Solutions Group, the repayment terms of working capital funding are typically daily or weekly payments of a set amount. 

  • Immediate Financial Health
  • Hassle-free Financing
  • Quick Turnaround


Why do businesses need Working Capital?

Without working capital, businesses are unable to meet short-term operational demands. These short-term demands can vary by season. Sometimes a company’s available capital is sufficient and at other times more money is needed in order for operations to continue as they should. A solution is easily found in a working capital loan. 


Who is Axiom Funding?

Axiom Funding Solutions is the most trusted financial solutions company for businesses across the United States. The number of companies we have worked with is commensurate with our willingness to help small businesses and entrepreneurs. It demonstrates our understanding of the unique needs and challenges that are found in various industries. No company is the same, and neither is every industry. At Axiom Funding Solutions, we pride ourselves in helping make business possible for companies as diverse as you can imagine. LEARN MORE ABOUT AXIOM FUNDING

How can Axiom Funding help businesses with Working Capital?

Simply put, helping businesses is what we do, and working capital loans are just one of the tools in our arsenal. As the #1 most trusted funding solution for growing businesses in a wide range of industries, Axiom Funding Solutions can help improve the state of your company’s working capital. We can help fund your business without any of the troubles associated with traditional business working capital funding solutions. Our terms and conditions make it as hassle-free as possible.


Industries for Working Capital

We provide Working Capital to businesses and industries that are qualified

Working Capital for Trucking Companies

The trucking industry is expected to grow approximately 6% by 2026. We’ve heard it before, “it takes money to make money,” and there’s some truth in that familiar phrase. Axiom Funding Solutions recognizes that business growth also means a need for additional working capital. The trucking companies that maintain ample working capital to move ahead and be competitive can thrive. In contrast, a lack of working capital can hinder reaching the business goals of your trucking company. Axiom Funding Solutions offers fast working capital loans for your current trucking company needs. A working capital loan is usually recommended for a short-term business funding need, typically with terms of less than one year. This business funding loan option generally does not require perfect credit, and a trucking company can use this business funding loan as working capital for their everyday operations and to improve cash flow. A working capital loan for a trucking company is used to help you maintain your daily expenses as you move ahead toward growth and long-term success. Every trucking business needs to have enough working capital available to cover planned and unpredictable expenses. In addition, having ample working capital can help you cover the fluctuations, and inflation, such as the rising fuel cost faced by your trucking company. Axiom Funding Solutions offers quick working capital loans to the trucking industry as a lifesaver to provide easy access to quick business funding when you need it the most. If you don’t want to go through the complex and lengthy process of obtaining a bank loan, have been turned down by your bank, or have bad credit, a working capital loan from Axiom Funding Solutions may be the right solution for your cash flow needs.

Hotels and Lodging Working Capital

If you are an owner, operator, or manager in the hotel and lodging industry, we understand your normal obstacles and the additional hardships that you have incurred over the last two years. We’ve been able to help many hotels and lodging businesses by providing a fast working capital loan which has helped them get back on track. A quick working capital loan for hotels or lodging businesses is a business funding solution taken to finance a hotel or lodge’s everyday operational expenses. These working capital loans are not used to buy long-term assets but to provide the quick working capital that a hotel or lodge needs to cover its short-term operational needs. These operational needs can include business expenses such as debt repayment, payroll, and rent. Hotels and lodging businesses have high seasonality and cyclical sales, which makes a working capital loan an excellent choice to help them continue to sustain their operating expenses even during downtimes where business activity is slow. With everything hotels and lodging companies have experienced and endured, sometimes a boost of the working capital loan is enough to help them thrive again. Axiom Funding Solutions is a leader in fast alternative funding solutions in the United States and has provided quick working capital loans throughout the hotel and lodging industry to help cover gaps in their capital for hotel and lodge owners. A working capital loan is easy to obtain, is not an equity transaction, and collateral may or may not be required. It typically depends on the working capital loan amount and your personal credit score. Contact us today to see if the working capital loan is the best solution to increase your hotel or lodge’s working capital.

Working Capital For Your Restaurants and Bars

Is your restaurant experiencing empty tables and a staff milling around? Do you have fluctuating income with the ebbing and flowing of patrons? Are you still recovering or experiencing a cyclically slow season? Axiom Funding Solutions provides working capital loans for restaurants. We have been helping restaurants in communities across America ease the stress during an uncertain season. Our working capital loan might be the best solution for your restaurant. A working capital loan from Axiom Funding Solutions helps finance the daily operations of your restaurant. This loan will help cover times when sales are down and is considered a short-term funding solution. We tailor our working capital loans to your restaurant, and this can be an amazing economic solution during this time filled with change. Having enough working capital for your restaurant operations can be challenging to calculate, manage, and juggle. However, our experienced business funding experts will listen and help determine the amount you need that is affordable for your circumstances. Your working capital loan may be used for business-related expenses such as a downswing in sales (to cover salaries and supplies), inventory, marketing expenses, renovations, repairs, and unpredictable emergencies. Axiom Funding Solutions is a leader in alternative funding in the United States. We’ve provided over 250,000,000 to help businesses sustain, grow, and expand. In addition, we provide working capital as a short-term solution to many restaurants to help them thrive again and serve their communities. If you think your restaurant may benefit from obtaining a working capital loan, get in touch today!

Working Capital for Landscaping Companies

If you own, operate, or manage a landscaping company, chances are you will find a quick working capital loan is advantageous to your success. There’s always room for improvement. Suppose you dream of adding more workforce, better transportation, new equipment, or your old equipment is holding you back, or you want to improve your equipment. In that case, a fast working capital loan may be the right solution for your landscaping company. Each of these investments in your landscaping company can improve your landscape business’s productivity and revenue. Chances are you’ve got big dreams for your landscape business. You’ve dreamed of a large client base, the latest products, and high-end equipment. Yet, a lack of working capital is holding you back, and your landscape company is not where you want it to be at this point. If you had more working capital, you’re sure you could bring your vision to reality. You don’t have to be held back from having a successful landscaping business. A working capital loan can provide from $5,000 to $500,000, and we offer fast approval and funding. Axiom Funding Solutions recognizes that a quick working capital loan for your landscape company can help it generate more revenue. The business funds can be used for various business purposes. Your landscaping company can benefit from a quick working capital loan so it has ample funds to move ahead. Whether you are struggling to make do with old equipment in need of repair, need money for marketing or a new website, find it difficult to make payroll, or require a financial boost for supplies, a working capital loan can quickly make things operate smoother and alleviate some financial stress.

Auto Repairs and Sales Working Capital

Is your auto repair shop or car dealership needing additional working capital fast? Having enough working capital can make or break your business. Don’t cut yourself short. There are business funding options available! Apply now using our online no-obligation application that is easy to navigate and get a same-day answer. It’s free, quick, and easy to apply to get the funds you need to keep your business thriving. After approval, you can typically receive your working capital loan funds within 24 to 48 hours. Axiom Funding Solutions is experienced in providing working capital loans to auto repair shops, car dealerships, and the automotive industry. We are a leader in fast alternative funding in the United States and have provided business funds of over $250,000,000 to help businesses move forward. It takes a lot of money for auto repair shops and car dealerships to operate. Auto repair shops need a skilled workforce, marketing campaigns, parts, inventory, and expensive equipment. When lengthy projects arise or equipment breaks down, covering these expenses can halt business and income, quickly compromising operational working capital. Car dealerships need to keep products moving, and acquiring new vehicles and trade-ins is a continually moving of available cash flow. There are dealership fees to be paid, marketing and advertising, and inventory to buy, sell, trade, and keep moving. If it stops moving, it also halts business and quickly uses and limits the available working capital. Providing service year-round can get complex, and keeping auto repair shops and car dealerships open, providing service, and earning income are challenging. Axiom Funding Solutions provides fast working capital loans for auto repair shops and car dealerships to help them overcome their obstacles and pay their expenses on time so they can remain competitive year-round.

Liquor Store Working Capital

The neighborhood liquor store has been there forever. Locals continue to support it as they can. So if you are a liquor store struggling to have enough working capital to order at the optimal times, keep shelves stocked, or renew licenses, let’s have a conversation about a fast working capital loan tailored to fit your circumstances. Liquor Store working capital loans target cash flow cycles and recurring expenses. The key to success for most liquor stores is focusing on high-profit items, which is difficult to predict. A liquor store has a lot of investment in inventory, security, licenses and needs enough working capital to maintain, grow, and stay competitive. Axiom Funding Solutions provides quick working capital loans to liquor stores to help with short-term needs and larger purchases. In addition, working capital loans can assist with paying for marketing, advertising, inventory, and other business expenses. Liquor stores can experience seasonal booms and slowdowns. Liquor Store business loans can help you stay up-to-date on vendor payments, making you eligible for discounts or longer payment terms. We understand the liquor store industry. As leaders in the alternative funding industry, we have provided nearly $260 million to businesses to help them, and their communities maintain and grow. We’re here to help liquor stores throughout America keep their doors open, maintain, and grow again.

Construction and Contracting Working Capital

Too often, construction and contractors lack working capital due to great opportunities and big projects they are accomplishing. As a result, construction and contractors often need additional working capital to bridge the gap to deliver on the promise they made to their clients by having the big project completed on time. Let us help you make a difference in communities by providing you with the fast working capital you need. So, alleviate some stress and move toward reaching your goals this week by obtaining a working capital loan. We understand the construction industry and recognize the cash flow issues of a thriving construction company or contractor. A construction company or contractor can often benefit from a quick working capital loan to cover them during significant endeavors, with additional workforce needs, or with more necessary equipment. Sometimes it is more cost-effective for a construction company or contractor to outsource the workforce or rent specialty equipment. Contractors and construction businesses don’t have time to wait or room for delays in this competitive construction industry. Axiom Funding Solutions is one of the leading companies in America that provides fast, convenient, and hassle-free alternative funding. We provide working capital loans with short-turn around times and same-day answers on your easy-to-use online application. We have a 99% approval rating. Typically, you can obtain the working capital loan funds within 24 to 48 hours. Apply today for a no-obligation working capital loan for your construction company or as a contractor.

Working Capital for Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry continues to thrive, and the need for ample working capital is vital. It’s a competitive marketplace with many cannabusiness owners searching for quick ways to increase their working capital. Small and medium cannabusinesses need ample working capital to continue to fund their daily operations, market and move ahead to keep up with the growing consumer demand. Non-traditional funding options are the solution for cannabusinesses to get the fast business funding to move ahead as traditional lenders do not loan to cannabis businesses. Axiom Funding Solutions is a leader in alternative funding solutions in the United States. We’ve provided almost $260 million in funding to help businesses recover, thrive, or expand. Often, a working capital loan is a financial solution for the cannabis industry to consider taking care of daily operating expenses and providing the opportunity to continue developing and reaching goals. A fast working capital loan may be used for business expenses such as marketing, purchasing inventory, equipment, hiring your employees, taxes, and unexpected expenses. Your cannabusiness needs enough working capital so you can accomplish your goals. Unfortunately, obtaining the desired working capital is not always easy for a cannabis business. Complete our easy-to-use online application and get a same-day answer. Working capital loan funds are generally disbursed within 24-48 hours after approval. Axiom Funding Solutions understands and recognizes the obstacles and challenges faced in the popular cannabis industry. We provide working capital loans quickly so you can start moving your cannabusiness forward within a couple of days.

Working Capital for Lawyer and Law Offices

Working capital loans are a popular business funding solution for attorneys, lawyers, and law offices. Successful lawyers and law offices need to maintain a suitable public appearance, professionalism, nicely furnished space in a good location, updated technology, a website, and a marketing campaign. It is the norm that is expected, and the standard has to be set high to be competitive in the marketplace. Despite the viable career path, many lawyers and law offices find obtaining a bank loan difficult and are considering other non-traditional options to increase their working capital quickly to cover their operating expenses. Axiom Funding Solutions provides working capital loans to offer maximum flexibility with spending. Our application is easy with minimal qualifications, and a less than optimal credit score is acceptable. You can get a same-day answer on your application. The funds are provided on a short-term basis to cover immediate needs. A working capital loan can be funded within 24-48 hours after approval. Axiom Funding Solutions will work with you to determine the working capital loan amount you need. After all, you want to borrow enough working capital to reach your goals. We understand an operational capital shortage can hamper your law practice’s ability to maintain operations or grow. Additionally, we know the nature of your revenue stream and assist you with avoiding a cash flow crisis. Our fast working capital loan can help you pay your staff, win new cases, and keep everything running smoothly. Complete our easy and fast online application or contact us to move forward today with a working capital loan.

Retail Store Working Capital

Retail stores have experienced an even more unstable cash flow within the last two years than previously. It was always a typical circumstance for a retail store to have cash flow issues due to many situations. So, now, it could be too much inventory sitting on shelves leaving working capital suffering. In addition, competition is also extreme with everyone working hard to get the traffic. Axiom Funding Solutions is a leader in alternative funding solutions in the United States. We provide working capital loans to retail stores to assist them through the slow times and to help them thrive. A fast working capital loan for your retail store will help you cover short-term needs, your day-to-day expenses and bridge a gap until things pick up. Having enough working capital is vital to the success of your retail store. Most retail stores do not get to experience a steady cash flow all the time. A lack of working capital makes it impossible to keep up with your routine expenses that occur, whether your business is in a slow time or booming. Our working capital loans are hassle-free, quick, and easy. We provide a same-day answer on the application and typically provide the funds for the working capital loan within 24-48 hours. So contact us now and let us partner with you to move your retail store forward this week.

Working Capital for Beauty Salons and Spas

The Beauty Salon and Spa industry continues to grow and generate significant revenue. They were impacted dramatically over the last couple of years and are rebounded as gracefully as possible. People want to look good and seek out beauty salons and spas for help! We understand the unique benefits and the struggles faced in the beauty salon and spa industry. Axiom Funding Solutions wants to help you keep serving your communities so you can help people look and feel better. Our quick working capital loan may be your answer if you struggle with having ample cash flow to meet your daily operating expenses. Beauty salons and spas have numerous operating expenses, including keeping a talented workforce, investing in digital marketing and physical marketing, keeping the interior design neat, clean, welcoming, maintaining salon equipment, and offering beauty products. Cash flow is hindered for many reasons, and a fast working capital loan helps cover the gaps in cash flow so a beauty salon and spa can meet their operating expenses. Axiom Funding Solutions is a leader in alternative funding in the United States and has provided nearly $260 million to help businesses thrive again. We offer a quick application process with the same-day answer. Our working capital loan is processed fast, with funding as few as 24 hours after approval. You can count on our business funding expert to listen to your needs and customize a solution to your needs.

Medical Practices Working Capital

Does your medical practice need additional working capital? Medical practices often have to wait too long on receivables and have large payouts, expensive overhead, and can quickly have a lack of cash flow. This adds stress to your days and can hinder your growth and revenue potential. Obtaining working capital quickly for your medical practice should not be complicated or a long and drawn-out process. However, if you need ample working capital for your operating expenses fast, that is hassle-free and skips the red tape of a bank loan, contact us about getting the working capital you need. Our fast working capital loans may be used for operating expenses such as purchasing equipment, marketing, advertising, and taking care of unexpected costs. In addition, our quick working capital loan may be the solution if you need to improve your cash flow. Our professional business funding experts understand, listen, and create business funding solutions customized for your unique needs. Axiom Funding Solutions is a leader in alternative funding and provides a same-day answer to the easy-to-use online application and fast business funding of a working capital loan, generally within 24-48 hours. Our fast working capital loan provides short-term funding to help cover the everyday expenses of medical practice. A quick working capital loan helps medical practice owners meet daily operational expenses and obligations. These short-term working capital loans for a medical practice can help stabilize cash flow and meet your business needs.

Drug Treatment Center Working Capital

Small business working capital loans are often a good solution for a drug treatment center. If you need flexible, short-term funding without the hassle or long wait, a fast working capital loan could be the answer to increase your drug treatment center’s working capital to help you cover operating expenses. Our working capital loans are fast, easy, and versatile to meet your needs. Axiom Funding Solutions is a leading business funds provider in the United States, providing fast, flexible, and easy business funding solutions, including working capital loans. We provide business funding when you need cash for your drug treatment center quickly. Our application process is simple, and we provide same-day answers. Typically, you can obtain the business funds within 24 hours after approval. Alleviate some stress and refocus on your business by moving ahead with obtaining a working capital loan for your drug treatment center. Obtaining a quick working capital loan can help you focus on making a difference in the lives of those who need help at the drug treatment center. Whether you need to meet payroll, add staff members, create a marketing campaign, or take care of other day-to-day operating expenses, our fast working capital loan may be the solution your drug treatment center needs to meet its obligations. We can help you sustain your operations even during challenging times with a working capital loan. It is a short-term business funding option when you need working capital quickly. It is great to help you stabilize cash flow, pay employees, and operational needs. Let us help you improve cash flow for your drug treatment center.

Accounting Working Capital

If you own, manage or operate an accounting firm, we recognize the cash flow issues that come along with seasonal cycles and year-round expenses. The accounting industry knows how to manage funds and understands that every company in every industry needs working capital to grow and thrive. However, most companies are never immune to experiencing a lack of working capital at some point. So, even with a solid understanding of working capital, many accounting businesses still need to obtain a working capital loan for various reasons. Without enough working capital, you cannot reach the goals you have set for your accounting company or take care of operating expenses such as overhead and payroll. In addition, having ample working capital can help you keep all of your day-to-day business operations taken care of, invest in marketing and expansion, and do activities that will help increase the revenue for your accounting business. If you are not gaining enough working capital from your profits, a working capital loan may be the business funding solution your accounting business needs. We have an easy-to-navigate online application and offer same-day answers with a 99% approval rating. Our paperwork requirements are minimal, and our business funding is fast, typically within 24-48 hours. Consider a quick, easy, and flexible working capital loan from Axiom Funding Solutions for your accounting company to keep your business prospering. Apply now for a quick working capital loan and move your accounting firm forward this week!

Staffing Working Capital

A staffing company can be very profitable. So how can a staffing company need a working capital loan? Outsourcing employees is a prevalent business solution, and this business environment has made the staffing industry boom. However, operating a thriving staffing agency is challenging because, besides ordinary operating expenses, the payroll that needs to be paid is excessive and must be paid on time every time. This is often a dilemma for staffing businesses where they lack working capital because they are waiting on their commercial clients to pay the invoices for the outsourced staff. Your commercial client has 30 to 60 days to pay their invoices, and you have to pay the employees every week or two. This delay in receivables creates a continuing gap in your cash flow. Enough working capital can help your business thrive and succeed. However, not enough working capital can be detrimental to your staffing company. A working capital loan can help you improve your cash flow quickly and is a short-term solution while you build up your reserves. Axiom Funding Solutions provides fast working capital loans to help staffing agencies like yours move forward with confidence as they have the business funds to take on the new clients and meet payroll, which will ultimately increase revenue. We are a leading direct funding enterprise offering alternative funding that is quick, easy, and hassle-free. If you do not have time, energy, and patience to obtain a traditional loan or have been denied a loan already, contact us to see if a working capital loan will work for your situation.

Insurance Working Capital

If you are an insurance company struggling with maintaining enough working capital, you are not the only one! Many insurance agencies are in the same predicament today, and obtaining a working capital loan is a business funding option to help you thrive again with the ever-changing insurance industry. To maintain, grow or expand your insurance company, you need to have enough working capital. When revenues decrease, and you have been unable to add to your working capital as you planned, yet the expenditures didn’t change, we understand how you have a cash flow gap. It happens and is not the fault of your business practices. There have been situations out of your control, and we recognize the hardships encountered during these times in the insurance industry. If you do not have time or meet the strict requirements needed for a bank loan or have been denied a business loan, a working capital loan or other business funding solution from Axiom Funding Solutions may be an option to increase your cash flow immediately. If your credit is not perfect or you do not have collateral, we have more flexibility as direct lenders. We have a 99% approval rating, so complete our easy-to-navigate online application and receive a same-day answer. Typically, after submitting the minimum required paperwork, we can disperse working capital funds within 24-48 hours. So, alleviate some stress for your insurance company by getting started today so you can be in a better place with the working capital you need this week!

Gas Station Working Capital

Gas stations are essential to our overall economy with providing a necessary resource and as a source of employment. Gas station owners need to be aware of their business funding options as they often need help meeting their obligations. Gas stations have seen many changes since their beginning in 1913 and have survived many financial crises. The gas station industry has many ups and downs, and the competition is serious, with convenience stores now being part of the service. Most gas stations seek a fast working capital loan to cover payroll, their major expense. Another extremely high expense gas stations endure their credit and debit card fees. You’ll see some gas stations offering a lower price for gasoline if the consumer will pay cash. This helps them offset the high cost of credit and debit card fees. Updating and maintaining equipment is always a necessity in the gas station industry. Insurance is a mandatory expense in the gas station industry. Marketing, social media and mobile options, and cutting-edge technology are essential for this competitive industry. Another expense gas stations have include renovations and expansions. Suppose a traditional bank loan is not obtainable, or you do not have time to make it through the process because you need money now. In that case, a gas station owner may want to consider a quick working capital loan from Axiom Funding Solutions.

Manufacturing Working Capital

Manufacturing is an essential and vital part of the U.S. economy, for both manufacturers and employers. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an industry not impacted negatively by the pandemic, and the manufacturing industry is not escaping unscarred. We recognize that many manufacturing businesses dived into funds you didn’t plan to use and are now experiencing a lack of working capital. It’s hard to keep up with payroll, overhead, and day-to-day expenses or be in a position to take advantage of opportunities, grow, or expand with a lack of working capital. When a manufacturing company has ample working capital, it can focus on improving manufacturing processes and keeping up with the latest technology and procedures instead of the ownership and management experiencing sleepless nights worrying about moving ahead. Many manufacturing companies need additional working capital, and banks aren’t always eager to lend. If you are a manufacturer struggling to obtain traditional financing or need immediate business funding, consider obtaining a working capital loan from Axiom Funding Solutions. We recognize the important role manufacturing plays worldwide, and are here to help make a difference by providing fast working capital loans when you need them the most. We focus on cash flow and not necessarily the credit score and history. As direct lenders, we can be creative with our working capital loan offer. We are a leader in the nation of business funding, and we offer amounts from $5,000 to $500,000 much faster and with less paperwork and documentation than a traditional lender.

Gym and Fitness Working Capital

Gym and fitness centers are important to help fight the epidemic of obesity in America and for overall wellness. The gym and fitness industry is growing as more people value their health. Gym and fitness centers need to stay up-to-date with the latest technology, equipment, and wellness procedures being recommended and implemented. Many gym and fitness centers were forced to go into working capital reserves over the last couple of years to hold onto their business and may now experience a need to rebuild their cash flow. A working capital loan can help you quickly increase your capital so your gym or fitness center can reach its unlimited potential. Axiom Funding Solutions is a direct lender and offers business funding from $5,000 to $500,000 and has helped many companies throughout the United States. Many gym and fitness centers promote a healthy lifestyle to help combat the obesity epidemic. Consumers are ready to try instructor-led workouts, hire a trainer and try the exciting new equipment. Competition in the gym and fitness industry is fierce, and setting your facility and company apart can be incredibly pricey. Gym and fitness centers need to serve a diverse population and all ages, from children being taught about healthy living to baby boomers who realize they cannot do what they used to do to our elders who know they need to keep moving. If traditional bank financing doesn’t work for you, whether you have been turned down, have credit flaws, or don’t have time for their lengthy process, a working capital loan might be the right choice. So contact us today, and let’s move forward.

Transportation Working Capital

The transportation industry has grown so quickly that many small, medium, and mom-and-pop companies find themselves in need of fast business funding. We provide immediate working capital solutions for the transportation industry. A working capital loan may be the best solution if you don’t have time for the drawn-out process of traditional lending, don’t meet their strict requirements, or have been turned down. In addition, a working capital loan could help your transportation company take care of operating expenses, overhead, payroll, or expansion to move ahead. The transportation industry in America is competitive, diverse, and a significant component of the economy. Transportation encompasses air, freight, maritime shipment, and of course, trucking. The transportation industry keeps resources flowing worldwide and across the United States. Axiom Funding Solutions provides working capital loans faster than a bank loan, requires less documentation, has less credit history, and doesn’t reject automatically because of a less than perfect credit score. An application gets an answer on the same day, and an approved working capital loan is generally funded within 24 hours. Consider applying for a working capital loan if you need business funding immediately. Then, you could be ready to move forward next week instead of worrying about the impact a lack of working capital can have on your transportation business. Let us help you refocus on what you do best!

Agriculture Working Capital

The U.S. agriculture industry is a complex vital element to the economy and includes much more than farms, ranches, and orchards. After producing items for human use, the products have to be transported and sold wholesale and then sold retail to consumers. The list of businesses impacted by the agricultural industry seems countless. With today’s demand on sustainability, organic produce, and consumers caring more about where their food is from, the demands placed on the agricultural industry to keep up with change is expensive. Whether you are a large corporate agricultural business or a family agricultural company, the latest technology is necessary to stay competitive. Therefore, there’s always a need for increased working capital. Sufficient working capital can help you move forward with your agricultural business operating expenses. Having enough working capital on hand can help you gain revenue when you can take advantage of an opportunity at the right time and help you meet payroll and pay other operating expenses. Since conventional banks have tightened credit requirements and lengthy processes, many agricultural companies turn to alternative lending sources. An alternative business loan is a viable choice for an agricultural company that doesn’t have the credit required by banks or doesn’t want to wait for weeks or months to get traditional funding. Axiom Funding Solutions is a nationally recognized leader in the business funding industry for small and mid-sized enterprises, and we’ve funded nearly $260,000,000 to help businesses move forward.

Information Technology Working Capital

The Information Technology (IT) industry is anticipated to continue to grow quickly, leading to 4.4 million jobs by 2024. So you wonder why an IT company in a booming industry would need a working capital loan? Many Information Technology companies struggle to meet day-to-day expenses, overhead, and payroll costs as top-line developers are in demand. Working capital is needed to stay ahead of the game in this competitive and growing IT industry. A lack of working capital can harm your revenues and chances of success. Not having enough working capital makes it difficult to keep an IT business open or develop new and innovative products. As an information technology business competes against larger brand name companies already holding a large marketplace in the IT industry, marketing your new technology products can quickly diminish your working capital. Investing in marketing your new products could be the factor to help your information technology company compete successfully. If you already need to expand from your home office or from your small start-up facility to a larger one, don’t halt your growth by being reluctant to consider a working capital loan. While your space is vital, keeping updated equipment is also essential for an information technology company. A working capital loan may help you keep your information technology company moving ahead and thriving. Our application is straightforward. Complete it today and submit the minimally required documents. Get a same-day answer, and generally, you can obtain the business funding for a working capital loan within 24 hours.


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Any business that is short on capital for day-to-day operations and other short-time commitments could benefit from a working capital loan. In contrast to loans that are used for long-term investments, working capital loans are for everyday business expenses. If a company’s cash flow is booming in one season but drops significantly in another, it can lead to a need for financing. A traditional business loan would not be best. With a number of Axiom funding solutions to choose from, one that is meant to fill a business’s shortage in working capital seems most appropriate.

The requirements for a working capital loan depend on the lending agency that is issuing the loan. Axiom Funding Solutions only requires a filled out application and your business’s last three monthly bank statements. Our working capital loans product has funded small and medium-sized businesses across the United States. We can just as easily fund your business, and since our financing products do not carry all of the drawbacks associated with traditional loans or traditional lenders, we can do it with the best possible terms and conditions.

*Due to differing bank policies, it can take several business days before your funds are available.